Making a killing

Making a killing

Jun 2014 By: Daniel Campos / Infographics: Rafa Höhr / Available in: EN/ES/PT

From the Somali coast to boardrooms of the City of London, maritime piracy is now a global industry.

At its high point in 2010, piracy in the Indian Ocean was so widespread that it threatened the passage of oil through the Suez Canal. The kidnapping and ransoming of fishing vessels and cargo ships made headline news, and insurance premiums for companies operating in the area skyrocketed. But while the media focused on the pirates, the real money was being made in the shadows. In this infographic based report, Acuerdo looks at the lucrative trade that sprung up around the bloodshed... and the networks of investors, intermediaries and lawyers that stood to gain the most.


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Dividing the loot: Who gets what (the pirates gain the least)




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