Patently Lethal

Patently Lethal

From heading up Franco’s doomed Space Programme at 17 to working on Saddam’s Scuds during the I Gulf War, José Luis Torres Cuadra’s life has been, literally, explosive.

The life of Spanish inventor Jose Luis Torres Cuadra seems more suited to the plot of a novel than the annals of science. This unassuming Andalucian went from heading up Spain's short lived space programme at the age of 17, to living the life of a millionaire playboy in General Marco's Philippines to working for Saddam Hussein in the 1980's. In a story equal parts Ian Fleming and Thomas Pynchon, this real life Q shares his archive with Acuerdo, in the process revealing his never before seen plans for a weapon that very nearly changed military history.


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Research & writing: Juan Soto Ivars & Pedro García Campos


Web development: Miguel Fermín


Original Soundtrack: Nus Cuevas


English version: Paul-Simon Geddis


Photography and graphic edition: Camilo Conte


Created by: Acuerdo



* Thanks to Gran Hotel Vita Almería.

© Acuerdo September 2014


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